Why Estate Planning is Important

From better tax planning and avoiding probate to protecting your assets and your beneficiaries, estate planning is an important way to ensure your legacy lives on.

At Bradford Financial Center, our clients rely on our financial planners to help protect their assets and help them avoid potential court issues surrounding their estate.

What Your Children Should Know About Your Estate Plans?

We’re sensitive to the conversations around estate planning. For the families involved, it gives peace of mind knowing their loved one’s desires are planned out and organized. But what should your family know about your plans and when?

If you’ve gone through the estate planning effort and organized your plans, a conversation with your loved ones is essential and should be done as soon as possible. Children are equally as uncomfortable asking parents about their estate plans, but a conversation before it’s too late is all part of the planning.

Sharing Your Estate Plan

Let Bradford help! Our trusted teams are experts at bringing families together in a comfortable environment. By facilitating a meeting with you and your loved ones, Bradford can help them better understand the steps, plan for any tax implications and learn how they can further protect those assets for their own families. If you choose to assign an executor to your plan, Bradford can work with that individual to prepare them for what to expect and how to oversee the dealings of the estate.

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