Managing the Market

Successful long-term investing relies on experienced advisors, tools, and the ability to manage the bumps. Bradford’s Watch and ManageTM service is a tool to help keep watch over your primary investment multiple times daily.

Reducing Market Risk

Bradford’s Watch and ManageTM service is designed to seek opportunities for higher returns while potentially decreasing their portfolio's risk factor.

This technique allows us to "trend manage" clients' invested assets. Our management system reacts to the "trend" of the market, not necessarily capturing the highs and lows, but focusing on the right time and place in the market to help maximize profits and assist you in protecting asset values during volatile security market cycles.

So, if you’re ready to review your asset allocation and position your investments for returns, it’s time to look to Bradford’s Watch and ManageTM service to help you have a plan for asset allocation and riding the ebbs and flows of the market, to help meet your goals.

Using this service, we also help business owners and employees manage their 401(k) or 403(b) plans. For people who have much of their savings in 401(k) but are limited by the investment choices with those plans, Bradford Financial Center is experienced in helping clients allocate and manage those investments. 

To learn more about our Watch and ManageTM service, contact our advisors. 

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