Timing is Everything

Bradford Financial Center offers our Watch & ManageTM management service to keep watch over your primary investment multiple times daily. This technique allows us to "trend manage" clients' invested assets. Our management system reacts to the "trend" of the market. This program is not necessarily capturing the highs and lows, but focusing on the right time and place in the market to help maximize profits and assist you in protecting asset values during volatile security market cycles.

Bradford’s Watch and Manage service is designed to seek opportunities for higher returns while potentially decreasing their portfolio's risk factor.

We help individuals and families with their wealth journey. Whether you are just starting out and need advice on how to save for various goals or you are ready for retirement or need help with your estate planning, our advisors will work with you to determine your goals and then help you to get there.

Helping Businesses with Investing Strategies

We also help business owners with advice on development and succession planning, tax savings strategies, and valuations.

Have a 401(k) or 403(b) at your employment? 

Our advisors can help you allocate your investments or we can manage the investments for you.

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