Fed Pauses Interest Rate Hikes

Shallon Weis |
On Wednesday, the US Federal Reserve announced that it would keep interest rates unchanged, pausing its series of interest rate hikes that began in 2015. This decision comes as a surprise to many analysts who had predicted at least one more rate hike this year. The Fed's decision has significant implications for the US economy and financial markets.

Why the Fed Paused Rate Hikes

The Fed's decision to pause interest rate hikes is mainly due to concerns about global economic growth and uncertainty around trade tensions. The Fed cited "global economic and financial developments and muted inflation pressures" as reasons for keeping rates steady. The decision is a sign that the Fed is willing to be patient and flexible in its approach to monetary policy. The Fed's stance is a stark contrast to last year when it raised rates four times, despite criticism from President Trump.

What the Pause in Interest Rate Hikes Means for Investors

The Fed's decision has significant implications for the US economy. Low interest rates mean that borrowing costs for consumers and businesses will remain relatively low. This is good news for people looking to buy a home or a car, as well as businesses looking to invest in new projects. The decision also means that the Fed is not overly concerned about inflation, which has been running below its 2% target. Inflation below target can be a sign of a weak economy, but the Fed seems to be optimistic about the US economy's ability to weather any potential headwinds.
The Fed's decision also has significant implications for financial markets. The stock market rallied after the announcement, with the S&P 500 reaching a new high. For investors who have been worried about the impact of higher interest rates on corporate earnings, this move signals a bit of relief as lower interest rates also make stocks more attractive to investors which deliver higher returns than bonds.
However, the decision also means that savers will continue to earn low returns on their savings accounts and other fixed-income investments. For the saver who are relying on these investments for income, they will have to look for higher-yielding alternatives.
This pause is a sign that the Fed may be willing to exercise patience and flexibility in its approach to monetary policy. The decision is good news for borrowers and investors, but if you're holding cash and saving, you'll continue to earn low returns on those investments. 
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