The Smarts of Creating A Personal Financial Plan

Are you prepared to reach your financial goals? It starts with a smart plan! Learn how to set up a financial plan on your own. Download our Free Financial Planning Guide to get it right. Bradford’s team provides free reviews of your portfolio when you’re ready to take your plan to the next level.
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Why Financial Literacy is Important

Financial literacy is the general knowledge of money, taxes, investments, spending, and saving. More than ever, financial literacy is important to ensure you manage your wealth and make the right financial situations for your future goals, your health, and your legacy.
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When to Hire a Financial Advisor

When to hire a financial advisor? When your own methods become too time-consuming or you don't feel informed enough to ensure you're maximizing your potential for risk, investing or selling. Bradford Certified Financial Planners (CFP) can help you reach your financial goals. Here's some good advice on finding the right fit.
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