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From bad credit and financial illiteracy to deepening debt and sloppy saving, American finances are trending toward a worrisome future. If you're mindful of these pitfalls and make smarter financial moves, you can avoid falling into this statistical downspin. Read more about the 6 Disturbing Personal Finance Trends for Americans.
It's all about spreading the wealth (or limiting the risk)! Diversifying is the battle cry of financial advisors as a means of protecting investors against volatile market swings. But here are four common ways Bradford Financial Center suggests you diversify your own investment portfolio. Seek the advice of a professional certified professional financial planner before making any moves to your portfolio.
Micholyn Fajen |
As quickly as technology evolves so do hackers. The risk is real. So much so that IBM's president and CEO, Ginni Rometty said: “Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” Rometty may be right; already the total cost for cybercrime committed globally has added up to over $1 trillion dollars in 2018. So what can you do locally to protect your own personal data from evolving hackers?
As we await a decision on the trade talks between the U.S. and China, it’s important to understand what this trade war means for both sides and just how it will impact American investors like you and me.
Rex Jiang |
Just a few years back, you wouldn’t have mixed the two terms, “cannabis” and “investing” in reputable wealth management circles, but shifts in legislation and the legalization of cannabis among some U.S. states and Canada are changing the playing field for intrigued, would-be investors.
Cryptocurrency, basically a type of digital currency or money designed to be highly secure and mostly anonymous – is a new asset and a volatile one. Understanding these new assets begins with why it is seemingly so appealing. Cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning it is open-sourced and is not controlled by any third party. The appealing part is no one has control of your money except you.
Aila Matysek |
When most investors think of investing, stock picking comes to mind. But top researchers have concluded that while most people believe individual stock selections are the key to growth, differences in asset allocation better impact total portfolio returns.
Aila Matysek |
When we spend time with investors, clients, or friends, we find that these topics concern people most: protecting their investments, retiring with enough money, planning for milestones, and knowing how much risk to take in this market. We'll take this opportunity to focus in on the hot topic of retirement in this blog. Retirement: Do You Have Enough? Recently, we posed some serious questions to our social media followers. We wanted to know what their...
Walking across the stage and receiving your university diploma can be the first step towards the daunting world of adulthood. The structure that educational institutes provide is now replaced by an empty void that we must fill with a professional career. It is commonplace to be riddled with uncertainty!
Much like a “sleep number” that determines which mattress is just right for you given your unique sleeping concerns, your “Risk Number” identifies an investment strategy for you based on your specific level of financial risk tolerance.
Your 65th birthday is right around the corner and you know what that means? You’ve got to sign up for Medicare. But where do you start? Signing up for Medicare coverage does not have to be complicated. Especially when you know the steps you have to take and when, so you can plan ahead.
In light of recent security breaches at Facebook and Yahoo, it’s vital that we do a better job ensuring that our personal data remains hidden from criminals and hackers. In fact, Facebook and Yahoo were just two of the over 1,500 data breaches that occurred in 2017. During those data breaches, more than 14 million credit card numbers were exposed along with more than 150 million social security numbers. Credit card fraud was the most common type of identity theft, with over 133 thousand reports filed in 2017 alone.
When looking for an investment, many people are turning to real estate. There are a variety of ways to invest in real estate, though one of the most popular ways to invest is by purchasing income-producing property. This can be done through the purchase of multi-family apartments, commercial/retail property, or single-family homes.
At the end of the month, do you often find yourself with a lot less money than you expected? Do you have a hard time determining exactly what you spent your money on? Do you feel that you should have more to show for your hard work than you currently do? Are you and your spouse or partner always fighting about money?
In a recent survey by JumpStart Coalition for Financial Literacy, only 26 percent of those between the ages of 13-21 said that they had been taught how to manage money. Yet, when they turn 18, kids are signing contracts for student loans, opening credit card accounts, and in many instances, living away from home with little financial guidance available.
While it may not seem so, there are a lot of painless ways to save money. Not just for those who have a limited cash flow, but also for those with plenty of surplus cash who will appreciate ways to cut back on monetary waste.